Mist and Magic - Durrance Lake

I had the vision for this shoot in my head for a while but to be honest I was a little nervous (okay, VERY nervous) to attempt to make this vision come to life. I want to say thank you to the girls who really motivated me to make this happen: Lori, my biggest cheerleader and confidante.. Lex, whose creativity never ceases to amaze and inspire me (top hat by Avennture Art).. and Dee and Kim who are always there to listen and encourage me when I'm having my doubts. And of course to my two incredible models and friends, Tessa and Kirsten who were up for anything and trooped it out on the coldest day in October! <3

The inspiration for these photos came from an Angel card I drew on a full moon gathering I led with some beautiful women that I know. We talked about love and pain and sadness. We talked about self-improvement and self-awareness. But I wanted these photos to represent acceptance of ones self. Acceptance of the flaws, the parts we wish we could change but we can't just yet. Because even the darkest parts of ourselves deserve recognition. They deserve our love. Once we are able to welcome these shadowy parts of ourselves as just that, integral parts of who we are, we gain true freedom and happiness. So these photos are for all of the things we wish we could change but we accept and love anyways. 

Beautiful jewels provided by La Lobal Jewels and Kat Made Jewelry

you yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection