Chantel - Exploring Inglewood

Before I left Victoria I was on a creative rampage. I had so many ideas in my head and not enough time to make them all come to life. I hoped that when I moved to Calgary I could keep the momentum going and hopefully never come down off of that creative high. But of course, these things are cyclical, and with the highs always come the lows.

Now, fast forward three months to January with not a lot of creative shooting in between. I connected with Chantel over the website Model Mayhem. It's kind of a weird website with a lot of people who call themselves photographers or models but many without any real experience or knowledge. Thankfully Chantel reached out to me and after I determined she wasn't a robot or a 50 year old man in disguise, we agreed to meet up for a wander around Inglewood. Inglewood is quickly becoming my favourite community in Calgary as it has a lot of character; old buildings, train tracks, hipster cafes and boutique shops. 

Anyways, running around Inglewood finding spots to shoot was an awesome way to spend an afternoon! There was no pressure to come up with anything good but after the initial jitters wore off we ended up getting some shots I'm pretty stoked on. Here's to getting back into my groove again!