Desert Goddess - South Mountain Park, Phoenix AZ

A few weeks ago I visited Phoenix, Arizona with my dad. I've never had the opportunity to spend any time in the desert aside from a brief visit to Las Vegas for my 21st birthday (6 years ago!!) so I thought it would be fun to arrange a shoot while I was down there rather than asking my dad to model for me... ;)

I found this beautiful soul named Maya Faun through Model Mayhem and she agreed to drive up to Phoenix from Tuscon on her only day off. Bree Lion and Maya Faun? I think we were meant to create together. Maya is a yoga teacher and she mentioned that she had done some implied nude shoots before. I've never done a nude shoot before but I've been wanting to experiment with the human form ever since Atmosphere festival last year. I have to admit the shoot was a bit of a challenge for me as I was really nervous having someone drive 2 hours on their only day off to meet me for a shoot in an unfamiliar place. But Maya and I really connected and I think we got some great shots out of the afternoon. Hopefully we can reconnect at a festival somewhere in the future! In the meantime I hope you enjoy these glittery goddess shots and remember how beautiful the human body is, even in the relentless heat of the Arizona desert.