Atmosphere Gathering 2015 - Cumberland, BC

I was hesitant to go to Atmosphere Gathering at first. I had just arrived back in Victoria after 5 days of partying at Shambhala and was feeling pretty depleted on all fronts. But Ben Howells, the director, had lined me up with a media pass and I had secured a ride to the festival with some babes I wanted to get to know better. The gathering was also hosting a killer line up featuring acts like the Librarian, Naako and Medicine for the People and David Starfire, and I'd never had the opportunity to visit Cumberland before, so I decided to make the trek up island and see what Atmosphere was all about. 

And I'm so grateful that I did. The festival vibes light up the homely community of Cumberland and turn it into a home away from home. This isn't a festival where you go to party all night (although I'm sure you could if you tried). Instead its where you come to share a smile and a genuine connection with everyone you encounter. You can feed your body the nourishment you know it needs, and discover healing that your soul has been searching for.

I woke up every morning with an inspiring yoga session under the shade of some tall trees surrounded by beautiful bodies, shortly followed by a quirky coffee from one of the local cafes and a tour of the town where I happily discovered a hair salon with half the towns population hanging out inside. On Saturday I spent 2 hours encased in a chamber of sound healing and left feeling on top of the world. The spiritual release, and resulting high I felt from the musical medicine I received lasted for almost a week after the festival ended. I wish I could feel that glow all the time. Later I had a revelation under the stars with a close friend as we sat cross-legged inside of her hula hoop. I danced harder to David Starfire that night than I've danced in a long, long time. 

I felt magic at Atmosphere, so thank you for that. And an extra special thank you to the 3 marvelously weird women (Blade, Buttercup and Esmeralda) who I shared some hilarious experiences with that weekend. 

xo Bree (Bubbles/Blossom)