Karli & David's Foggy Winter Wedding - Bow Valley Ranche, Fish Creek Park, AB

Everything came together perfectly for Karli & David's intimate winter wedding at Fish Creek Park. The venue was an amazing heritage location, the Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant in Fish Creek Park. Karli's dress fit perfectly with the rustic venue and decor. But the best part was that the Friday of their wedding, Calgary was currently experiencing its second day of fog. I can't be totally sure, but I think maybe it was the universe's way of saying sorry for not giving us any fresh snow for weeks by this time.

Fog is my favourite thing to shoot in, in case you didn't know. Even though we only had a short time before guests arrived, we made the most of it! I'm really passionate about shooting intimate weddings and this one was great. Just a small guest list for the ceremony, followed by a reception in the Bow Valley Ranche. The food was amazing and the vibes were high. 

Anyways, here are some photos from a frosty February evening under a blanket of mist.

xo Bree  

PS. No snow in February? El Nino you're making my transition to Calgary a little easier, I have to admit, but somehow I think there's more to the story than just a "warmer than average" winter...

Groom carrying bride through foggy field near Bow Valley Ranche Restaurant 
Groom holding bride in foggy field at Bow Valley Ranche wedding