About Bree

I don't want to take your photo, I want to tell your story.

My name is Bree. I am a Vancouver Island and Calgary-based intimate wedding, elopement and female empowerment photographer.

I am LGBTQ and cannabis friendly and love people of all shapes and sizes. I love to travel and am constantly seeking new ways to grow and expand. I currently split my time between the eternally beautiful Victoria, BC and the ever evolving Calgary, Alberta. I find inspiration everywhere I go but especially from the natural beauty of the pacific northwest coastline, the Rocky Mountains and from the amazing people who surround and encourage me.  Let’s hike a mountain together!

Wedding photography is something that I do, but it’s not everything that I am. I am passionate about sharing music and I believe that art and a connection to nature have the power to heal. I meditate daily and believe in the power of intention. I’m also pretty sure that magic is real, if you keep your eyes & heart open to it. I am on a journey to live plastic-free and as sustainably as possible. If I can use my photos to encourage others to connect to their environment and disconnect from their phones, then I will have made the difference I am seeking in the world. I’m a hippie at heart and I care deeply about other people and the connections we share. Grow. Seek. Evolve.

I don't just want to be your photographer, I want to be your friend and maybe inspire you to make a positive change in your life.

I will be there laughing beside you as your best man tells an embarrassing story and tearing up when you say your I do's. I don't just want to be a fly on the wall during your big day, I want to be a part of the memory. I hope to capture the spirit of the moment... the energy that's sitting just beneath the surface. The candid, the fleeting, the raw. The moments that should be remembered and shared. I have a passion for adventure and creativity and I am always learning. I would LOVE to hear about your love story or the story of how you came to love yourself, so send me an email and lets start this journey together!