Bree Lion

I don't want to take your photo, I want to tell your story.

Bree is an intimate wedding and elopement photographer inspired by the beauty of the west coast, from Tofino through the Rocky mountains to Banff and Calgary. Photo by Ritz Photography.

Who am I?

My name is Bree. I am a Vancouver Island and Calgary-based intimate wedding, elopement and female portrait photographer. I am LGBTQ-friendly and love people of all shapes and sizes. I love to travel and am constantly seeking new ways to grow and expand. I currently split my time between the eternally beautiful Victoria, BC and the ever evolving Calgary, Alberta. I have a passion for adventure and creativity and I am always up for trying something new! My inspiration comes from the places I visit and the people I meet, but especially from the natural beauty of the PNW coastline, the Rocky Mountains and from the amazing people who surround and encourage me.  I don't just want to be your photographer, I want to be your friend and someone you are excited to share your day with.

Wedding photography is something that I do, but it’s not everything that I am. My biggest joy in life comes from sharing music with others, either through experiencing it live, sending each other songs, or waking up with coffee and a new vinyl in the morning. If you want to hear what I’ve been listening to lately my Spotify is linked at the bottom of this page!!! I believe that art and a connection to nature have the power to heal. I meditate daily and believe in the power of intention. I’m also pretty sure that magic is real, if you keep your eyes & heart open to it. I am on a journey to live plastic-free, vegetarian and as sustainably as possible. If I can use my photos to encourage others to connect to their environment and disconnect from their phones, then I will have made the difference I am seeking in the world. If you couldn’t guess already, I’m a hippie at heart and I care deeply about other people and the connections we share.


You are an adventurous couple that are crazy about each other. Your love continues to grow deeper every day and you are looking for a photographer who can capture that love on film. You make each other laugh (A LOT), are there for each other in the hard times and although you’re getting married, you know it really won’t change your relationship, and you don’t expect it to. You probably both really love music (especially vinyls) like me; spend a lot of time in nature; get down on the dance floor, and care deeply about your friends and family. I don’t know you yet, but I’m sure that travel is something you can’t live without and I wouldn’t be surprised if you have a fur baby or two. Maybe you love to surf, or you can’t help but talk about the stars whenever someone gives you the chance. Your wedding isn’t a Pinterest board but rather an extension and expression of who you are as a couple, and as individuals. For you, this wedding is most important because it brings all the people you love together for one night or a weekend. And if you get some amazing photos from it, then it’s a win-win. So let’s celebrate by popping some champagne, busting a move on the dance floor or perhaps ending the night with some drunken karaoke if that’s more your vibe. Either way, I can’t wait to meet you!!